🎖️Games as a Service

We're thrilled to unveil our studio's expansion into offering custom games for other projects, introducing Games as a Service as a game-changing membership option and awareness-raising tool. Recognizing that many projects lack a distinct purpose, we see an opportunity to provide exclusive games tailored to their communities, thereby enhancing engagement and driving token usage within their ecosystems.

Projects now have the option to access our existing games, requiring their token for gameplay instead of ours, thus incentivizing token usage and fostering community engagement. Access to our games can be obtained by paying a fee in either WASD or ETH, with the added option for projects to request custom games for a higher fee. These custom games will be meticulously crafted to align with the project's brand identity and objectives, ultimately enhancing community engagement and loyalty.

Moreover, the fees collected will be reinvested back into the ecosystem through various channels, including prizes and staking rewards, thereby fostering growth and sustainability. This innovative approach not only provides valuable gaming experiences to other projects but also contributes to their growth and success. By offering exclusive games and incentivizing token usage, we're paving the way for greater adoption, awareness, and participation across the blockchain gaming landscape. Let's embark on this journey together and unlock the full potential of Games as a Service!

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