💸Revenue Sharing

In Cross-Platform Carnage, profits are shared with players through updates and tournaments, creating a symbiotic relationship between the game's success and the player community. Revenue generated from in-game purchases and advertisements is reinvested into various aspects of the game to benefit players:

Revenue Allocation

A portion of profits is allocated to fund tournament prize pools, enhancing competition and rewarding players for their skill and participation.

Development and Updates

Profits are used to finance the ongoing development of the game, including updates, expansions, and optimizations aimed at improving the overall gaming experience.

Player Rewards

Players receive rewards directly based on their participation in tournaments, updates, and community events, such as cryptocurrency earnings, in-game currency, exclusive items, and cosmetics.

Community Events

Profits may be used to organize community events, fostering engagement and providing players with additional opportunities to earn rewards and connect with fellow gamers.

Transparency and Communication

The distribution of profits and player rewards is communicated transparently to the player community through regular updates and announcements, ensuring accountability and trust. Overall, this profit-sharing model ensures that players are directly rewarded for their involvement in Cross-Platform Carnage, encouraging continued engagement and investment in the game while contributing to its success and longevity.

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